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Rainbow Pages, Inc. is a Media, Communication, Information, and Transaction company operating on the internet serving millions of people globally.

The company creates and manages technology and tools in order to make its own web services available to companies, business people, professionals, and consumers.

The company operates the Rainbow Pages Network. The Rainbow Pages Network serves business and consumer users of the internet over a system of 1,000+ specialize services.

The following is a sampling of our integrated portfolio of services bringing rich content and value to the public.


BizWiz, The Internet's Largest Business Network combining an Open Marketplace System with an Extranet Portal Service.

BizWiz has a Daily Traffic Rank in the TOP 7 of all Business -> eCommerce -> Marketplaces; and, the TOP 20 of all Business -> eCommerce services. It ranks among the TOP .05% of ALL websites regardless of topic.

BizWiz.com is a One Stop, Full Service Business Network and commercial marketplace. It is a resource network which is a highly interactive business environment that connects business to business. It offers everything that a company or a business person needs ....today. All in one place.

It is a self contained, highly interactive marketplace system that supports participating companies with their need for ideas, information, people, products, services, communication, collaboration, supply chain management, transactions, and access to markets.

Participating company members become a node on the network. We provide interlocking services that facilitate workflow, collaboration, and transaction support across all business functions and 186 industries worldwide.

While some areas are open to expand usage for the benefit of member companies, valued services are restricted to member company how have the security of user name and password protected access.

It attracts entrepreneurs, executive, and professionals who must sustain competitive advantage, and achieve goals efficiently and effectively.

It leads, guides, and organizes to help companies use the internet productively.

It provides content, resources, tools, and applications necessary to accomplish everyday tasks commonly found on your to-do list.

There are four tiers of service:

  1. an open marketplace system and resource center,
  2. restricted extranet marketplace resource system,
  3. an enterprise portal system (bportal),
  4. a business services network designed to bring services of world class companies to participant users (EZEx).

It operates on a common platform with No application software is required.

Services are managed via a control panel which can be customized for each user and each company.

The entire BizWiz portfolio of services operate on a common platform making it possible for us to serve your company in a way not possible by other services. This is not a hyperlink service that you typically find on the internet. We own and operate the services that are part of the BizWiz Network system. Each service is specially designed to fit your needs and to integrate with other services in our system to enhance information flow, data retrieval, communication, transactions, and interaction.

It is designed for EASY use by Executives, General Managers, Department Heads, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Engineers, and all company employees who need to interact with customers, vendors, and other business colleagues.

The ‘Link Popularity’ of BizWiz and bPortal is rated as A 900LB GORILLA at 870,000+... That is ahead of WebMd,  IVillage, Napster, eTrade, Compaq, Gateway, ATT, Boeing, Kodak, GE, Barrons, Fortune, Money, NYSE, AA, UAL, MichaelMoore.

BizWiz also has a phenomenal 507,800 ‘Link Saturation’.

BizWiz organizes and provides a "Make Life Better Package" for Employees of BizWiz Member Companies as part of its EMPLOYEE SUPPORT SERVICES.

  • Alternative Benefit Packages
  • Best Health Care Services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Weight & Fitness
  • Education for an Employee's Children
  • Scholarship Access
  • Travel and Destination Offers
  • Personal Care
  • Financial Assistance
  • Financial Planning
  • Pre-Paid Services
  • Special Offers
  • Career Improvement Training

Go To BizWiz.com  |  Read Brochures at BizWiz.INFO     Benefits of Membership  |  Join  |  Advertise  


CLICKIT! - Daily Support System for Your Whole Life

CLICKIT.com began in 1995 as one of the first 'search engines' on the internet. It started at approximately the same time as YAHOO.

CLICKIT is now a consumer LIFESTYE and SHOPPING service which include specialize search engine systems. It offers over 10.6+ million products from pretigious, leading retailers across all major categories provide daily inventory.

CLICKIT.com is on track to reach our goal for 2006 of 100,000,000 page views per month and we are investing in all areas to acheive this.


Clik 'n Clip - Coupons in Real-time

Coupons Online and from Local Stores.

This Coupon Search Engine permits Shoppers to locate COUPONS at all stores. Coupons are also tied into CLICKIT Shopping Search Engine so that Shoppers can find the best offer.


CityEntree - The Best a City Offers

Built on the backbone of our Business Network

CityEntree.com specializes in presenting you with Restaurants, Hotels, Tours, Nightlife, Events, Attractions, Galleries, and support services in cities worldwide.

This service is being lauched during August 2007. A sample profile can be viewed at TRIO Restuarant and Bar.

Our RESTAURANT Section is live with over 9,900 Restaurants. You can Review listings or Search

If you wish to list your company on our site, please contact us at 1-877-CITY-909. We can also provide specialized HOSTING services for you.

Sales Agents and Editors should ask about our program that permits you to become part of a CityEntree team in your local market.


BuyersMatch - Enabling Buyers and Sellers

Empowering the Buyer and the Seller in an easy to use service with no auction.

BuyersMatch is a membership service to buy and sell whatever you want, whatever you have.

Each person registers. Then they can load profiles of what they want to buy, or to sell. The service will match seller items with what buyers register they want.

If a seller lists an item (house, auto, truck, whatever) , say 3 months after a buyer profiles it, then an email will go to the buyer that has registered and created a profile for that item.


Wportal - For Women

A full service portal for Women.


Touch Today - The Newspaper for Today's Active Internet Users

Designed to meet the needs of Generation-I.

This sensible newspaper format organizes the information captured through all Rainbow Pages Network services, and puts it all in one place. It is designed to bring user News, Shopping, Classifieds, Marketplace, Money, Health, Business, Travel, etc. across 500 cities and geographic regions. Information and opportunities are submitted by users and often exclusive.


Yportal - Shopping and Travel for Latin America

This is a shopping search engine meeting the needs of consumers in Latin America. Buyers can have confidence in trackable shipping to Latin America from retailers who display our Yportal logo. We arrange for special shipping of packages for member consumers.


1stDay - Collaboration for Human Progress

1stDay.org provides a common communication platform that connects business people, diplomats, media, religious leaders, educators, professionals, and elected officials for the purpose of open, dynamic exchange and to identify resources.

Our objective is to establish communication channels between leaders in different areas of society who might not otherwise be able to reach out to each other. We invite your cooperation, participation, and support as we build a network of people of goodwill and resources who want to share this "voice".

Click to get Brief for 1stDay (PDF file).


bPortal - Business Portal and Search Engine

A business portal offering content, contacts, matching, search engine, and other webservices consolidated from 30 high utility domains.


Home Healthcare Direct

HomeHealthCareDirect.com specializes in connecting consumers with information, support services, products, and professionals for Home Healthcare, Health, Fitness, and Wellness.

World class companies, participating in our popular CLICKIT and BizWiz services, have been organized to make special offers to our user-participants.

We invite companies to join our BizWiz; and, to learn more about Rainbow Pages

If you are a company in the Healthcare business, you'll want to review the opportunities available through our BizWiz / Home Healthcare Direct services and EasyBenefitPlan.



EasyBenefitPlan.com offers any size employer a supplemental employee benefit program that brings attractive, discounted services to their executives and employees.

Each employee is provided a special logon password to access the products and services we bring to their company at a web site that we build for their company at EasyBenefitPlan.com.

We customize this as a service package under our BizWiz “Live Your Best Life” Employee Support Program, and access 2,000 world class retail merchants / brands and service providers though our CLICKIT relationships.


Gifted-Children - For the parents of children with great promise

Gifted-Children.com is a networking and information medium dedicated to making a difference in the pursuit of educational excellence for children of special talents and abilities.

Gifted Children Monthly, a multi-award-winning newsletter "for the parents of children with great promise," was originally created in 1979. It offered parents and teachers of gifted and talented children highly useful information as well as a link to each other. Membership in Gifted-Children.com now offers many benefits to parents, educators, and other professionals by using the Internet's wonderful capability to expand our services. It is the only service of its kind on the Internet.

Gifted-Children.com is a joint venture of Gifted & Talented Publications, Inc. and Rainbow Pages, Inc.


OpenMLX - The Open Real Estate Exchange

Your Space to Buy and Sell Real Estate

OpenMLX.com specializes in connecting you with Real Estate Listings, information, support services, mortgages, products, and professionals for Real Estate.

If you are a Real Estate Agent and wish to list your properties on our site, please fill out our Agent Signup. The application process can take up to 48 hours to complete and we will call or email you to verify your account details. You can also join our BizWiz service. We can also provide specialized HOSTING services for you.

Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Management Companies should ask about our program that permits you to upload your listings, or to provide them to us via a daily datafeed.

If you are a Private Seller, and you wish to list your property directly or with your Real Estate Agent's agreement, please fill out our Member Signup.


AutoMLX - The Open Auto Exchange

Your Space to Buy and Sell Cars

AutoMLX.com specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of automobiles and trucks. It also provides access to information, dealers, financing, insurance, and accessories for Automobiles.

If you are a Automobile Dealer and wish to list your cars on our site, please fill out our Member Signup. The application process can take up to 48 hours to complete and we will call or email you to verify your account details. You can also join our BizWiz service. We can also provide specialized HOSTING services for you.


ApartmentMLX - The Open Apartment Exchange

Your Space to Rent an Apartment

ApartmentMLX.com specializes in connecting you with an Apartment. It also provides access to listings, apartment managers, apartment owners, apartment insurance, and relocation services.

If you are a Real Estate Agent and wish to list your Apartments on our site, please fill out our Agent Signup. The application process can take up to 48 hours to complete and we will call or email you to verify your account details. You can also join our BizWiz service. We can also provide specialized HOSTING services for you.

If you are a Real Estate Management Company and wish to list your Apartments on our site, please fill out our Management Signup. The application process can take up to 48 hours to complete and we will call or email you to verify your account details. You can also join our BizWiz service. We can also provide specialized HOSTING services for you.

Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Management Companies should ask about our program that permits you to upload your listings, or to provide them to us via a daily datafeed.

If you are a Private Owner, and you wish to list your apartment directly, please fill out our Member Signup.


BooksInProgress - Collaborative Authoring

Books in Progress, a Collaborative Authoring site, presents initial chapter treatments from established Authors who have begun new books. The Authors welcome comments and suggestions from interested parties, agents, and publishers.


How-To eBooklets

How-To eBooklets™ specializes in helping people to learn how better to do things for their business, their career, and their life.

Our authors are recognized experts in their respective fields. They provide simple eBooklets and eBooklet Series with incredible tips and checklists.

We operate like a Publisher by identifying topics and then screening the best authors. All of our Selected Author eBooklets are $5.00.

We also operate like a bookstore where qualified authors and other digital publishers can submit their self-published, Author Provided eBooklets, to be placed on our Shelves. Authors are permitted to set their own prices based on the amount they feel offers value.



GoTravelGuide is a comprehensive travel guide to travel destinations, travel discounts, travel resources, travel news, and networking worldwide.



Members of this service can establish a profile that describes their business interests, what their business is "good at ", and their business objectives. At any time during the membership period, the member can enter a brief, city-by-city travel itinerary. The service then introduces theTravelerMatch Member to participating people in various BizWiz services located in the destination cities. Participants include 300,000 companies in 186 Industries and Professions, plus active members of Capitalist-Direct, Executive-Direct, CorporateNewsNet, City.BizWiz, BizWiz for Individuals, etc.

Participants also include International Trade Missions, Departments of Economic Development, Chambers of Commerce, and Visitor Bureaus Worldwide.

This service is designed for business travelers who take 10+ business trips a year.


Click Here to Go To:
Nancy Lord, Ltd's EZ Commerce Site

BizWiz EZ Commerce

BizWiz EZ Commerce sites are industrial strength, menu driven, pre-formatted sites which enable transactions and facilitate the flow of commerce and communications for over 50,000 participating companies.

BizWiz Member companies can submit products to create spec sheets and order forms, post Press Releases to Corporate NewsNet, submit Requests for Proposal, etc. Virtually all business functions are available as transaction tools.



Direct Services

We recognize the direct marketing values of the internet; and, have develop hundreds of automated services that help people to better do their jobs, in all job functions, across 186 Industries, worldwide.

Our value is in our unique ability to organize users, tasks, and content; to facilitate connections, communication, and transactions; and to make available a real-time flow of exclusive content submitted and retrieved by members and participant users.

	Executive-Direct - All Executive Job Functions All Industries Worldwide 


Executive-Direct is an example of our Direct services that match people and companies daily based on profiles and needs.

EXECUTIVE-DIRECT™ provides a leading service which confidentially matches Top level Executives with job opportunities, provides confidential networking capability for candidates with incomes over $200,000, and assists companies and recruiters with Human Resource functions.

EXECUTIVE-DIRECT is a high utility service specializing in the CONFIDENTIAL identification and matching of top job candidates with top Executive jobs in 186 Industries.

	Capitalist-Direct - Specializing in the Identification of Worthwhile Investments Worldwide 


Another service, Capitalist-Direct, is THE FIRST Service to identify, match, and introduce Capital Seekers and Capital Sources across EVERY type of financing applied by businesses and institutions today. It brings Worthwhile Investment and Business Opportunities together with the people and companies that invest and provide critical services. All Industries, All Markets, Worldwide


EZEx - Business Services Network

BizWiz is bringing together a group of leading companies that will form an Integrated Value Chain as part of the EZEx Business Services Network.

BizWiz will establish corporate relationships with leading companies as “Channel Partners” within each of their respective strategic core business areas for the purpose of providing a comprehensive, world-class solution for businesses and organizations.

Each participating company will benefit from the other’s participation. BizWiz will add value by generating leads, by cross-marketing, by creating cross-selling mechanisms, and by creative development of “value packages”. BizWiz will also provide a new, patented communication technology for customer interaction, access to experts, and other special capabilities on our open platform that will give our Channel Partners a competitive edge.

By doing so, BizWiz Channel Partners will be able to constantly create programs that will bring better products, services and value to the market.

Go to more information about the EZEx Integrated Value Chain


EZ-123 - Internet access, ISP, Hosting, & Merchant Services

BizWiz makes it easy for you or your company to have a web site and to conduct business on the internet. We offer a completely coordinated system of services including domain name registration, hosting, merchant accounts underwriting for credit card acceptance, payment processing, dialup services (56k, ISDN, and DSL) for access, search engine optimization through EZ Commerce, and online marketing.

BizWiz EZ services offer all size companies Internet Access, Hosting, Dialup Accounts, Merchant Accounts, Access to Banking Gateway, Domain Name management, etc.

We offer:

  • Domain Names for $9.99,
  • 128 bit SSL Certificates for $69.00
  • Dialup
  • Hosting
  • Merchant Account Application
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing
  • Web Based Email
  • Telecommunication services


WebEmporium - Web Design / Development / Hosting / Management

WebEmporium provides custom hosting services for your company's informational or commerce-enabled web site.

Our strategic experience includes small shops to Fortune 500 enterprises. We will help you identify market opportunities, technologies, and strategies for growth.

Our programmers, web developers, and graphic designers are experts at making your site functional and easy-to-use.

Our graphics designers can build your site around your company colors and logos, or design a complete on-line presence for you from scratch.

Our graphics services include page layout, button design, logos, banner ads, photo processing and manipulation.

Go to WebEmporium


DomainWebAds - Targeted Messages to Build Traffic

A DomainWebAd is Just One Page with a special task...building your traffic through a targeted, specialized message that can be properly read by major search engines; and, at the same time, able to attract customers for you at their moment of need.

Your company probably has multiple messages that you need to make searchable. Right now, you cannot accomplish the task because search engines have tight criteria for including your site ....and ranking it. Their criteria forces you to standardize and to adjust to their formula.

This is NOT another way to "submit to 30,000 search engines".

This is also NOT simply another "hosting" account.

We will create a specific ad page with content based on specialized messages you need to make searchable. Think of these pages as attractive pages in a magazine, or as a searchable commercial on TV.


AskTheAgent - Anything you want...Anything you need...Just Ask!

This is an AGENT that actually provides introductions; and, permits you to set up automatic, specific Requests for Proposals and Information that remain alive on the BizWiz service. It will contact companies, businesses, and professional people that can meet your needs. It will deliver your message. It will remain active for the period of time you specify; or, it can be terminated by you at any time. It is not a Search Engine.

  • Proposals
  • RFP's
  • Information
  • Employment
  • To be called
  • Expert advice



BizWiz Blogs are comments, thoughts, news, articles, and advertising submitted by BizWizBloggers. BizWiz publishes Blogs within services which are relevant to the content of the Blog. You may also search Blogs by category and by key words.


Auction-Direct - An Auction Network

Auction-Direct is a simple, fast, and easy Auction Network for business-to-business. It is fully integrated into the BizWiz service system which serves 300,000 member companies.

The Auction services offered are centralized. In addition, items submitted to any of the services are posted in many other areas of BizWiz.

Postings are therefore included in each of the appropriate 186 1stBusinessDay portal services, each of the appropriate 500 City.BizWiz services, and at the member's BizWiz EZ Commerce site at the "Auction Avails" tab. Please review the FAQ page and Terms of Use for Auction Direct.

  • Commercial Liquidation
  • Media-Auction
  • DomainName-Auction
  • bauction
  • BidAsk.net
  • Auction-Direct
  • Barter-Direct


LawCent - Center for Legal Resources, Case Law Research, Litigation Support, and Commercial Support for Law Firms and Businesses LawCent is a comprehensive guide to Legal Resources, Case Law Research, Litigation Support, and Commercial Support for Law Firms, and networking worldwide.

LawCent also provides all size law firms and professional services the ability to market legal products and services.. This unique service has the capability to reach millions of companies operating in 186 industries worldwide.

Highlighting Experts in areas of Practice for:
  • Capital
  • Antitrust
  • Aviation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Corporate
  • Environmental Law
  • Homeland Security
  • Information Technology
  • International Trade & Commerce
  • Litigation
  • Minority Business
  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Telecommunications
  • White Collar Defense.

    ProBizWiz - Specializing in helping professionals achieve financial success through leadership, differentiation, and sharing.

    ProBizWiz™ is a membership service specializing in helping professionals, at all stages of achievement, do things better and realize their professional and financial potential.

    It is a continuing source of innovation; and puts resources at members' fingertips that are not available from any other source.

    To accomplish this, ProBizWiz focuses member services on:

    1. Cross-pollination between all professions, industries, and geographies
    2. Professional-to-professional Networking
    3. Mentoring for Effective Strategies
    4. Referrals, Leads, and RFP service
    5. Professional Practice Support

    Unlike professional associations and societies, this service acts as a bridge between professions and also a bridge to companies that may become clients of our members. This is made possible through the BizWiz backbone.

    Members of ProBizWiz benefit from streamlined access, promotion, and support from BizWiz. Professionals are guided through a special path to derive maximum benefit from the BizWiz service.

    Our members are recognized experts in their respective fields. They provide valuable contacts, tips, and checklists.

    TURBOBizWiz - Get connected on demand

    A unique breakthrough Connection Engine

    TURBOBizWiz, a unique breakthrough Connection Engine.

    It's purpose is to quickly create and expand the universe of companies and business people who are able to use a new technology permitting them to reach out for one-to-one online interaction and support through a patented technology that instantly matches, routes and connects the user to the best available source of knowledge or expertise at their moment of need.

    Now, business people can get connected to the best available source of knowledge or support at their moment of need. Previously closed corporate applications will now be extended to 186 Industries on an open platform provided by BizWiz.

    The TURBOBizWiz Connection Engine will enable its members to instantly be matched and routed for a virtual in-person experience that increases employee performance, reduces costs, and helps companies manage internal and external knowledge resources.


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